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Why Rent the iMRS 2000?

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The iMRS 2000 exclusive rental program is the way lets you try out an iMRS 2000 PEMF device before you buy one.

This makes it possible for you to discover the personal benefits you can get from using the iMRS 2000 Pulsed Electromagnetic therapy device before you purchase a system.

Then, when you see how great the iMRS 2000 works for you, and you can apply the full rental cost to your purchase without losing a penny!

If in the unlikely case you decide to return your iMRS 2000, you get your $1000 BACK and only end up paying the $500 rental fee. But of course if you keep your device (which we are sure you'll want to), the entire amount is applied to your final balance and you lose nothing.

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The Rental Program At A Glance...

Rent a Professional System for one month for $500 plus sales tax.

$1000 one time refundable deposit.

All rental fees apply to your purchase.

When you decide to purchase, you can pay the remaining balance or finance all or part of the purchase amount.

When you decide to purchase, you can select the system features you want.

When you purchase you can select from the best sale pricing for two months.

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