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Athletes (Performance/Recovery)

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Fit For the Challenge Video - The MRS 2000 and Athletic Performance/Recovery

Over 4000 athletes in Europe enjoy the benefits of the MRS2000. Many are seen here with the predecessor to the current generation of the MRS2000. Just Watch Media has secured the footage showing German athletes in an English overspeak translation of the original video.

MRS 2000 Credited with Saving National Basketball Star's Championship Season

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With all the hoopla surrounding March Madness and the NCAA Basketball tournament it would be easy to overlook the amazing run of a local athlete, Alex Moore-Porter (Lakeside/Seattle), a three-time All-American at Azusa Pacific University in California, who recently won a national championship; with a major assist from an Edmonds company.

Alex’s story is remarkable because it was almost derailed by a significant concussion in her junior season that prevented her from practicing or even studying. With the use of a new innovative technology, called the MRS 2000 Designo, offered by the wellness center, Innovations for Healing, Alex experienced a rapid improvement from her concussion and was soon back on the court and in the classroom.

Her mother, Kathy Moore, was thankful to have anything to help her daughter’s concussion. "As a parent you feel so powerless when your child gets a concussion. Even with a medical background, I know there is very little traditional medicine can do to treat concussion symptoms. This technology gave me an alternative path for my child to achieve wellness."

Prior to the start of her senior season, Alex suffered from a degenerative knee condition (similar to the injury currently threatening the career of NBA All-Star Brandon Roy) that her doctor felt was so serious that she would not be able to play basketball. With the use of the MRS 2000 Designo, Alex’s knee rapidly improved. "I would not have played in the championship game without this technology. No way." Basketball observers believe APU would have had a much tougher time winning the national championship without their 3-time All-American. Alex feels lucky; she knows that very few people have even heard about this technology – except for some Olympic athletes and NASA scientists. "I want other people to have the same chance I had so they can reach their dreams, even if they suffer a serious injury. And of course anything that helps with concussions is huge," added Alex.

Alex and her team went on to win the national championship.

MRS 2000 Feature Testimonial 3 - A Senor Athlete's Testimonial **New**

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I am a Masters’ runner, age 68, specializing in indoor track. At the 2009 USA National Masters Indoor Track and Field Championships in Landover, MD, I ran a 6:04 mile and a 2:45 half-mile. This was good for fourth place in both events.

I missed the 2010 indoor season because of chronic soreness in my hamstrings. Nothing seemed to help permanently—neither chiropractic nor pain relievers. I purchased the MRS 2000+ designo on July 18, 2010 just to experiment, and not specifically for the hamstring problem.

As instructed by Greg Larsen, I started using the Mat gradually until I felt comfortable with 16 minutes. Then I would place the Pillow-Pad on my hamstrings and hips for 16 minutes. I used this protocol twice a day.

Within a week’s time I began noticing an improvement in the hamstring soreness. I also noticed that I was not as tired after my workouts. After a month, the tightness was completely gone. I still experienced some slight hip pain, however, but it was much improved from when I began.

Exactly two months later, on September 18, I ran a 5K race. This was the first time I had competed in 1 ½ years. I ran the 5K in 21:49, which was a good minute faster than I had antici-pated.

Since I have been using the mat I have observed that my running is much smoother and more effortless. This running flow is something I haven’t experienced in years!

I have come to the realization that we do not have to accept all the aches and pains that come with getting older. There are solutions to these problems, and I found that using energy to heal the body with MediConsult MRS 2000+ has worked for me.

Carl W. Landis
1196 Chestershire Place
Pottstown, PA 19465

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