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Compare Pulse Magnetic Therapy Machines

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iMRS 2000 vs Bemer 3000

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iMRS 2000

Bemer Classic Set & Pro Set

#1 - Earth Frequenies

#2 - Biorhythm Clock

#3 - Higher Intensity Pain

#4 - Sensitive Setting

#5 - Graduated Intensity

#6 - Pure Pulsating Fields


#7 - Sawtooth Wave

#8 - Proven Square Wave

#9 - Switch Polarity

#10 - Light and Sound Option

#11 - Biofeedback

#12 - Digital/Easy Upgrade

#13- Database Protocols

#14 - FDA Registered

#15 - Company Progressive

#16 - Good Value

#17 - 3 year Warranty

#18 - Mat Comfortable?

#19 - Excellent Training /Support

Best in Industry


3 years w/ Extended

3 years


Whole Body Mat, Pillow Pad, Probe

Whole Body Mat, Applicator Pad, Spot Applicator


iSLRS (LED Light & Sound), iMORE (HRV Biofeedback), iGUIDE+ more

LED, Pad to Sit on + More


.09 - 70 uT Full Body & Pillow / Up to 300 uT Probe

3.5-35 uT on Full Body Mat/ up to 150uT on local applicators


4 Settings Based on Biorhythms (.5 Hz / 3 Hz / 5.5 Hz / 15 Hz)

Only 2 Setting (10 Hz & 33 Hz)


Sawtooth Mat/ Squarewave Pillow & Probe

Complex Sinusoidal

Cost Basic System

Starts @ $3775

$4290 for the Classic System, $5990.00 for Professional

FDA Registered?




*Download the Free Buyers Guide for more details on the the 19 Features to compare. The buyers guide provides a full explanation on each of these features and why they are important.

Bemer Classic Set & Pro Set Review (Formerly called Bemer 3000)

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The iMRS 2000 and Bemer therapy systems are the two top selling full body PEMF therapy devices worldwide.

Both use lower and safer intensities and both have a full body mat and local applicators along with several accessories.

The comparisons that follow use technical specs from both companies directly. The main specs are the frequencies, the intensities and the waveforms used. Information below from iMRS Users manual and website and FAQ pdf.

In this detailed comparison we have stuck with the facts as listed in both products company brochures and websites, and only the facts. If you look at both units BY THE NUMBERS and not emotionally based on rah rah rah meetings, marketing, propaganda, hype or MLM sales pitches , you will see the iMRS wins HANDILY in every way possible.


Here is a Preview of the Detailed Comparison, but please click the link below for the full comparison. Both the iMRS and Bemer are the leaders in PEMF, and because its such a big investment, you owe it to yourself to read this.

What you'll learn:
1) The iMRS 2000 has a Better Range of Frequencies than Bemer
2) The iMRS 2000 has a Better Range of Intensities than Bemer
3) The iMRS 2000 has Better Biorhythm Frequencies for Daytime and Sleep
4) The iMRS 2000 has More Proven Waveforms than Bemer
5) The iMRS 2000 has Better coils in full body mat and applicators
6) The iMRS 2000 has a Better LED system
7) The iMRS 2000 has Biofeedback where Bemer has none
8) The iMRS 2000 is a Better Price on all comparable packages

Plus 2 other Points. Click the button below to read the full article and you'll see why the iMRS 2000 is clearly the better choice!

MDSAP Certificate
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