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Live Blood Analysis

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Live Blood Analysis in Real Time w/ Narration

Infrared Thermography and the iMRS 2000

before and after

Infrared Thermography Before and Afters with the MRS 2000 show an increase in 3 degrees in surface skin body temperature.

This is VERY significant because there is actually NO HEAT in the mat. The results are obtained because the MRS 2000 opens up circulation and microcirculation producing a warmth in the hands and feet (and all over the body).

Circulation is one the main KEYS to recovery.

Advanced Kirilian Photography and the iMRS 2000

The iMRS 2000 provides a healthy "trickle charge" as nature intended. In our work with the Kirilian camera, we see more light emmisions from an person after an MRS session than any other modality. What we see is on a par with high level Reiki session. Live blood cell analysis tells the same story. Daily, consistent use brings the greatest benefits.

Registration of GDV images (bioelectography) before (left) and after (right) mrs2000 session:

Symmetry of subjects energy field went from 87% to 93 % and illumined area from 14250 to 23587

after an eight minute session.

more information on GDV technique can be found at the following websites:

Before (Left) and After (Right) Pictures Below - Click to Enlarge

before and after
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