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Teeth & Dental Issues

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Using the MRS 2000 for Dental Problems

Periodontal & Sleep Challenges

I first learned about the MRS 2000+ designo from a friend in Colorado who called me to see if I was experiencing any health issues, pain or sleeping challenges.

I had no aches or pains when he called, but I had been battling from poor sleep (about 3 to 3 ½ hours of sleep per night) for about 15 years. He strongly recommended that I purchase this product to which he had recently been introduced because he had heard stories about how regular use of this mat was resulting in improved sleep for several individuals. I purchased the MRS 2000+ designo and have experienced significantly better sleep after using the mat on a consistent daily basis.

Anxiety and stress have been a "normal" part of my life. I was diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer in 6th grade and have had recurring ulcer symptoms requiring medication for the past 40 years. The sense of relaxation that I experience during a session on the mat is like nothing I have ever felt in the past. This is quite significant in my life, since I feel calm and "de-stressed" after my sessions on the mat.
In addition, I visit my periodontist regularly, since I have periodontal gum disease and have been a border line surgery patient for the past 5 years.

During one of my visits, I realized that my laser cleaning treatment was not causing the normal pain and discomfort I usually experience throughout the cleaning process. I did not pay much attention to this, but when they measured my "pocket depths" and informed me that one of my worst areas, which had been 8 to 9 millimeter gaps, were not 4 to 5 millimeter gaps, I started asking a few questions. I inquired as to the purpose of the daily teeth cleaning and gum stimulation practices I had been instructed to do by the periodontist in order to prevent the gaps from getting worse. I was told that one of the primary goals was to stimulate the flow of oxygen in my gums. Well, the light bulb "turned on" for me at that point, since the pulsed energy from the mat oxygenates your blood.

I came home from the periodontist and immediately contacted my friend in Colorado, signed up for the next Certification Training class in Denver and flow to Colorado to become a Certified Health Technician. Someone performed two dark field microscopy blood tests on me (before and after using the MRS 2000+ designo) during my stay in Denver. The difference in my red blood cells after using the mat was my final confirmation that I needed to seriously consider exactly how I would get involved with this business opportunity. After six months of actively working my business, I have achieved the Systems Manager level in the Loyalty Marketing Plan and have experienced numerous amazing results from other family members and other individuals using the MRS 2000+ designo I have never had so much fun "working" in my life and look forward to many years of sharing the great news about the MRS 2000+ designo with other in North Carolina, across the United States and around the world! Praise the Lord for bringing the MRS 2000+ designo into my life.

~Rick Burger

Teeth & Dental Issues

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Dental pain

Two hours of exposure to a weak, oscillating magnetic fields induced a significant decrease in three parameters (dental sensory and cutaneous pain and tolerance thresholds), whereas the other two parameters showed a similar tendency. When the same subjects were exposed to a sham treatment, only marginal, nonsignificant variations in all parameters were observed. These results represent the first piece of evidence that weak alterations of the magnetic field may induce hyperalgesia in humans.

- Bioelectromagnetics

MDSAP Certificate
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