iMRS 2000 - The iMRS Lowers Blood Viscosity Improving Circulation and Microcirculation
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The iMRS Lowers Blood Viscosity Improving Circulation and Microcirculation

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The iMRS 2000 increases Cellular Voltage
and Reverses the Rouleau Effect

The photograph in the 1st slide of figure below uses live blood microscopy to depict a sample of "stressed" blood exhibiting the Rouleau effect, which is when red blood cells clump together, stacked like coins. This effect reduces the overall surface area of hemoglobin making it difficult for freshly breathed in oxygen to find a home. The Rouleau effects further inhibits proper oxygenation to the cells because the red blood cells do not circulate well enough to deliver oxygen where it is needed. This is because the capillaries in your body are so tiny that red blood cells can only pass through one at a time in a single file line. AND, it’s in the capillaries where nutrients and oxygen are transferred to your cells.

There is a simple explanation why the Rouleau effect occurs, it’s related to voltage. When your cellular voltage is low, the positive charge on the outside of the cell is diminished to allow the cells to stick together and stack like coins. Healthy cells have a strong positive charge on the outside of the cells, and by simple electrostatics, will repel each other. Remember like charges repel. There is no way you can have clumping cells if your cellular voltage is strong. Its straightforward physics!

The 2nd slide in figure 22 shows the same blood after a single 8-minute session with a popular PEMF device that uses the earth’s natural frequencies. Notice that by simply charging up the cells with an earth-based PEMF device, we quickly improve the health of our red blood cells and assist in better oxygenating our cells.

Also of note, PEMF therapy assists in lowering blood and lymph viscosity, allowing liquids to flow more easily. Lower viscosity means wetter, thinner blood that flows easier. Red blood cells separate in responseto earth-inspired PEMF frequencies allowing a smoother flow of blood and lymph and more surface area to transport oxygen. This helps to naturally lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of blockage in the arteries.

Blood Cells & the MRS 2000 by Magda Havas
(Non Biased Review of Live Blood with MRS 2000)

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The iMRS 2000 increases Cellular Voltage
and Reverses the Rouleau Effect

One of the claims made by those who sell the MRS 2000 or the iMRS (Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation) system is that this technology helps blood circulation by keeping blood cells from sticking together.   I wanted to know if this claim was true, so I tested myself.
I did a live blood analysis after I worked on a computer. Then tested my blood after using the MRS 2000 mat for 8 minutes on a sensitive setting (low intensity) and found–to my surprise–that my blood cells looked much healthier. They were no longer sticking together.  See slides 1 and 2 below.  I repeated this several times and found virtually identical results.  This was encouraging.

Figure 1. Photographs of a live blood sample before (slide 1) and after (slide 2) an MRS 2000 treatment.

Because my blood looked so unhealthy after working on a computer I did some more testing, which showed that my blood becomes clumped after I am exposed to electrosmog from computers and cordless phones. Fortunately the "clumping" doesn’t last long once I remove myself from the radiation. Click here for video.

One night I bashed my shin against some furniture and knew that in the morning I would have a large bruise. The skin was cut but not bleeding. I used the MRS 2000 probe set at high for 8 minutes and went to bed. The next morning there was no bruise, no swelling, and no pain, just the remnants of the cut.


See the Powerful Live Blood Before and after Videos Below - MRS 2000 or iMRS Used

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See the Powerful Live Blood Before and after Videos Below - MRS 2000 or iMRS Used

Live Blood Microscopy by Dr Phil McAlistor using the MRS 2000/iMRS

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