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iMRS 2000 vs MRS 2000 (No longer Available)

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iMRS 2000

MRS 2000

#1 - Earth Frequenies

#2 - Biorhythm Clock

#3 - Higher Intensity Pain

#4 - Sensitive Setting

#5 - Graduated Intensity

#6 - Pure Pulsating Fields

#7 - Sawtooth Wave

#8 - NASA Square Wave

#9 - Switch Polarity

#10 - Light and Sound Option

#11 - Biofeedback

#12 - Digital/Easy Upgrade

#13- Database Protocols

#14 - FDA Registered

#15 - Company Progressive

#16 - Good Value

#17 - 3 year Warranty

#18 - Mat Comfortable?

#19 - Excellent Training /Support

Best in Industry


3 years w/ Extended

6 month warranty ONLY


Whole Body Mat, Pillow

Whole Body Mat, Pillow


Probe, iSLRS, iMORE, Iguide+ more

Probe + more


.09 - 70 uT / up to 300 uT Probe

.09 - 70 uT


4 Settings Based on Biorhythms (.5 Hz / 3 Hz / 5.5 Hz / 15 Hz)

4 Settings Based on Biorhythms (.5 Hz / 3 Hz / 5.5 Hz / 15 Hz)


Sawtooth Mat/ Squarewave Pillow & Probe

Sawtooth Mat/ Squarewave Pillow & Probe

Cost Basic System

Starts @ $3575

No Longer Available

FDA Registered?




*Download the Free Buyers Guide for more details on the the 19 Features to compare. The buyers guide provides a full explanation on each of these features and why they are important.

MRS 2000 Review

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Improvements of iMRS over the older MRS 2000

First released in 2005 in North America, the MRS 2000 was the world leader in pulsed magnetic therapy. Since that time, the manufacturer has evolved and developed a newer, more advanced and more effective system.

The old MRS 2000 Designo is no longer in production, but many people like to know the differences between it and the new iMRS System. Both units use the same earth frequencies, waveforms, biorhythm clock and similar intensities, but the new system has several new improvements.

Here's the Top 10 New Improvements of the iMRS over the MRS 2000

  • #1 - The new iMRS is digital and programmable which makes it easier to use and easier to upgrade. The old MRS 2000 unit was solid state and could not be upgraded accept by getting a whole new control unit.
  • #2 - The new iMRS is a smaller, sleeker and more portable design. It folds up to a smaller space that's airplane friendly, is lighter and more attractive.
  • #3 - Automation - the New iMRS is totally automated. It sets the organ clock automatically, recognizes which applicator is plugged in and more.
  • #4 - Its now programmable to allow different family members to enter in their customized settings.
  • #5 - All the applicators are updated and higher quality. The full body mat is easier to fold, the material is better and the new probe is made of anodized steel and virtually indestructible.
  • #6 - The new probe is now 2.5 times stronger on the highest setting for localized pain relief.
  • #7 - One of the biggest and most exciting announcements is the new iMORE system that is available (iMORE=Interactive MOnitoring and REgulation). This is a technological advance that enables the iMRS to actually listen to your body using an advanced HRV (heart rate variability) biofeedback device that adjusts the systems intensity to maximize your health and benefits. This puts the iMRS on autopilot.
  • #8 - There is now a professional model for licensed practitioners only with a database of 250 conditions (called the iGuide) and settings for the pillow, probe and pad.
  • #9 - The new iSLRS (Sound and Light Relaxation System) has now more advanced functions, two additional color options (green and blue) and a larger music data base with preprogrammed music.
  • #10 - Finally, the new unit comes with an optional 4 or 5 year extended warranty so you can be protected longer.
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