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10 Reasons Why the iMRS 2000 is CLEARLY superior to the cheap OMI PEMF device.

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1) OMI is new and Unproven - no track record, no research, no clinical data AT ALL.  The iMRS 2000 has been the word leader in magnetic field therapy devices for 20 years with extensive research and clinical validation.

2) The OMI provides very few healing stories and testimonials, and the ones available can not meet our standard.  The iMRS 2000 offers hundreds and hundreds of powerful, LIFE-Changing testimonials, constantly adding more

and more.  Check out our youtube channel with over 90 video testimonials and growing. Plus contact us, we have hundreds of written as well.

3) Cheap product = cheap results. Many PEMF devices are on the market these days.  It is therefore difficult for an average person to separate the wheat from the chaff. As indicated in all qualified PEMF literature, price should in no case be the most important criterion in acquiring a device. A cheap purchase is often more expensive than you might think (i.e. wasted time, no results and possible side effects that result from a cheap, unproven technology). The magnetic field device you purchase should be one that has been used by many physicians and clinics. It also should offer a 3 year warranty, and be able to display ALL necessary and latest industrial standard certificates like the iMRS 2000.   If your goal is to experience PEMF benefits such as pain relief, more energy, and better sleep, make sure you get the best. There is a reason why Mercedes sell for a higher price than Honda. Same is true with PEMF.  Better Quality = Better Results.

4) OMI squarewave signal vs. iMRS 2000 wave signals

The iMRS 2000 whole body applicator uses the scientifically proven most effective triple-wave sawtooth pulse. The sawtooth displays continuous change, thus obtaining constant induction (without zero phases). The abrupt change from its peak to its lowest value is responsible for ion displacement in the body. Greater ion displacement exerts a stronger biological effect. The iMRS 2000 whole body applicator supplies a carrier frequency range between

0.5 and 15 HZ, which is 100% within the so called biological window.

The OMI signal is a simplistic repeating squarewave, while the iMRS 2000 squarewave has built in pauses and complexity to prevent habituation.

5) The OMI operates WITHOUT Polarity reversal

The polarity of a magnetic field plays a crucial role. Knowing that structures in the human and animal body have a certain polarity preference, the respective organs are treated according to this polarity in treatment with magnetic fields.

6) The OMI operates WITHOUT Chinese Organ Clock

The iMRS 2000 whole body applicator uses pre-programmed frequencies that vary based on the time of day the device is used, observing our circadian rhythms. 

7) The OMI has No Biofeedback - The iMRS 2000 offers a biofeedback finger sensor to achieve a CUSTOM TAILORED THERAPY, signaling the user’s HRV (heart rate variability).

8) The OMI has No iGUIDE (built in protocol recommendations, based on years of clinical data).

9) The OMI can NOT offer Sound-Light-Relax Therapy

Sound-Light-Relax systems, obtainable with the iMRS 2000, are very valuable for brain wave entrainment, deepening your ability to enjoy relaxation or restorative sleep. Brain wave stimulation can change a person's mental state, and this in turn can help with a variety of mental issues. 

10) Note that the inexpensive OMI offers ONLY a full body mat.  Adding additional applicators, the buyer ends up spending close to $2000.00.  iMRS 2000 local applicators are FAR superior to OMI pad and ring. The probe and pillow are much more powerful in penetrating the body.

The effect of the iMRS 2000  probe is unmatched and especially useful in the offices of health professionals.  In short, OMI applicators can not be compared with the iMRS 2000 probe and pillow, nor can they offer the same treatment benefits. 

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