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iMRS 2000 vs QRS Quantron/QRS 101

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iMRS 2000


#1 - Earth Frequenies

#2 - Biorhythm Clock

#3 - Higher Intensity Pain

#4 - Sensitive Setting

#5 - Graduated Intensity

#6 - Pure Pulsating Fields

#7 - Sawtooth Wave

#8 - NASA Square Wave

#9 - Switch Polarity

#10 - Light and Sound Option

#11 - Biofeedback

#12 - Digital/Easy Upgrade

#13- Database Protocols

#14 - FDA Registered

#15 - Company Progressive

#16 - Good Value

#17 - 3 year Warranty

#18 - Mat Comfortable?

#19 - Excellent Training /Support

Best in Industry


3 years w/ Extended

5 Years


Whole Body Mat, Pillow

Whole body mattress pad and smaller pillow pad


Probe, iSLRS, iMORE, Iguide+ more

Pen Applicator + More


.09 - 70 uT / up to 300 uT Probe

.3-30 uT (up to 40 uT on Pillow, up to 15 uT on Pen)


4 Settings Based on Biorhythms (.5 Hz / 3 Hz / 5.5 Hz / 15 Hz)



Sawtooth Mat/ Squarewave Pillow & Probe


Cost Basic System

Starts @ $3775

Starts @ $3950

FDA Registered?




*Download the Free Buyers Guide for more details on the the 19 Features to compare. The buyers guide provides a full explanation on each of these features and why they are important.

QRS Quantron Review

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The main advantages of the iMRS over the QRS Quantron:

  • #1 The new iMRS has a pure pulsating field. The Quantron Resonance System does not because it uses plastic tubing around the outside of their mat that is the wrong geometry to produce a pure pulsating magnetic field (see image below).

    The iMRS uses 6 individual perfectly circle loops made with pure copper and its tightly wound to insure a pure pulsating magnetic field.
  • #2 The iMRS uses only 0-30 HZ Earth frequencies. These are the ideal frequencies for the human body, brain and cells. This is one of the most important point

    The QRS Quantron goes up to 1000 hz respectively on each and every setting (TOO HIGH).
    For both its „BASIS“ and „VITAL“ programs, the QRS main website states that prominent frequencies include 200Hz, 500Hz, 750Hz, 1000Hz. Even the RELAX setting includes these extremely high frequencies. This is WAY outside of the biological window of frequencies for the body.

    For Example, the alpha, theta and delta brain state frequencies are well documented by science to be between roughly .5 - 12 Hz. But the QRS RELAX setting contains 200Hz, 500Hz, 750Hz, 1000Hz???
  • #3 iMRS has a true biorhythm clock to yield the right frequency for the time of day (between .5 - 15 Hz). The QRS does not since it uses higher frequencies of 200Hz, 500Hz, 750Hz, 1000Hz. This is WAY TO HIGH (consider the brain typically operates at .5 Hz (Delta) - 30 Hz (High Beta).
  • #4 The iMRS and IMRS is FDA registered and we can prove it http://www.FDA.gov The Quantron Resonance System is not and cannot.
  • #5 The iMRS is the ONLY system to use the NASA square wave which is the most effective for healing, pain and regeneration.

    The QRS Quantron uses sawtooth on both full body mat and applications.

    This point alone is enough to consider the iMRS over the others. If you have any localized pain, injuries or trauma, you want the NASA square wave for pain relief, healing and regeneration.
  • #6 The new iMRS goes all the way down to .09 uT on the sensitive level which makes it more THREE TIMES more gentle for sensitive people than the QRS on its lowest setting (QRS goes down to .3 uT).

    Also the new iMRS mat and probe also goes to higher intensities for pain relief and for athletes and healthy people that can handle higher settings.
    - iMRS goes to 70 uT on full body mat, QRS only 30 uT (more than twice as strong on full body mat).
    - iMRS PROBE goes up to 300 uT compared to only 15 uT for QRS pen applicator (That's 20X stronger on highest setting which is helpful for pain relief).

    And because we use only the natural earth frequencies and have a sensitive level, it is much safer than the QRS for daily use.
  • #7 The new iMRS adds many things the QRS does not and will not offer... the HRV biofeedback, an integrated light and sound, a professional iGuide database of indications, a STRONGER anodized steel probe (now 4x stronger), and more programmable options.
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