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Feb 2009: Robyn Benson – acupuncturist
Password: santafe

March 2009: Nancy Nunke – horses/equine
Password: stpatty

April 2009: Carrie Wolf – Chiropractor
Password: parkerdc

May 2009: David Gilbert – nutrition
Password: parliament

June 2009: Phil McAllister - Chiropractor
Password: guelph

July 2009: Mike Meehan – Chiropractor, Lima Bergman - therapist
Password: eastwest

August 2009: Ted Neff, Pulsed Energy specialist

October 2009: Robyn Benson – acupuncturist
Password: Mozart

November 2009: Susan DeBoer
Password: turkey

December 2009: Magda Havas - e-smog researcher
Password: havas

February 2010: Enerpuls/Horses
Password: neigh

March 2010: Call On SKIN Dream
Password: Dream

May 2010: Great Class with Energy Medicine Expert Tedd Neff
Password: neffme

June 2010: Energy Medicine Unlimited TeleClass
Password: heart

July 2010: Summer Event
Password: summer

August 2010: Dr. Jerry Bobo
Password: Immune

September 2010: Dr. Debbie Novick
Password: drdeb

October 2010: Duane Fowler and Proper pH in the Body

November 2010: Wolfgang Jakchs & Dr. Joel Carmichael on the New iMRS
Password: imrs

December 2010: Dr. Jessica Daniels and Mark Collins on Lyme Disease
Password: lyme

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