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Thanks to Greg Larsen for
Sharing these POWERFUL MRS-2000 Stories !!

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Joe, age 69, had a bad bicycle fall on 11-27-10 that resulted in 6 broken ribs (one punctured a lung) and a mild concussion (short-term memory loss, could not remember how the fall had happened).  He was in ICU for 1 week.  In the 3 weeks since he had been home, he would have to get out of bed and sit upright on the couch 2-3x per night for 30 minutes to relieve the pressure on his ribs.  After one ses-sion, he was able to sleep the entire night through for the first time.

12-26-10:   Barbara, age 70, had a R-knee TKR (total knee replacement) on 9-29-10.  Range of motion, not pain, was the issue.  When she sat in a straight-back chair and tried to position both knees at a right angle, her R-foot would be 3 inches further from the chair than her L-foot, constrained by muscle stiff-ness around the R-knee area.  After one session, her R-knee muscles relaxed enough to where she could get her R-foot toe-to-toe with her L-foot -- an range of motion improvement of 3 inches.

12-23-10:   Jackie, age 81, has had level 3-6 pain in her R-knee since May 2010, the result of doing knee lunges as directed by her physical trainer (smart guy!).  In Aug 2010, her orthopedist drained fluid out of the knee.  In Oct 2010, an MRI was done from which it was concluded she try to "live with it".  On 12-21-10, she met with her orthopedist who opined that the torn meniscus, arthritis, and constant pain warranted a TKR (total knee replacement).  Two days later, one session made her pain-free and dramat-ically softened the "hard as a golf ball" Baker's cyst under her R-knee.  Further sessions over the next 3 days, keep her pain-free.  She dropped all consideration of a TKR and bought a Mat.

11-21-10:   Elizabeth, age 54, came in with a level 5 pain in the stomach that had ranged from level 4-6 for 2 weeks.  She left pain-free and remained so for at least 9 days.

11-19-10:   Sharon S., age 40, came in with a level 5 pain in her low back after a day of medium physi-cal work.  In 2006, she lifted her employer's 80 lb dog and heard her R-hip joint pop.  In the 4 years since, she has averaged level 2-5 pain daily in her low back.  She left pain-free, which she had trouble accepting, and remained pain-free for the next 2 days.  Thereafter, 1 session every 2 weeks, if no heavy physical work, has keep her virtually pain-free.

7-22-10:   Jon, age 60, came in with severe candida (he had lost 25 lbs in 3 months).  A few hours after the 1st session, he called to say the prominent, red rash on his R-arm had nearly disappeared.  He continues to do sessions.

7-19-09:   Greg discovered an insect bite (spider?) on the top of his L-foot that resulted in the left side of his foot turning black-&-blue, especially dark in color where the middle toes met the foot.  A call to the advice nurse said he should consider going to emergency to rule out skin necrosis.  The Pillow-Pad was applied for 4-5 days, the foot cleared up, and it is now back to normal.

7-7-10:   Sasha, age 26, came in with many months of minimum level 6.5 pain from fibromyalgia.  Session #1 took her down to level 4.5 pain.  Session #2 (8 days later), took her down to level 3 pain.  A short-term followed and, despite a brutal work schedule, she had a couple days at level 2 pain.  Thrilled is an understatement!

3-27-10:   Mary, age 60ish, came in with level 3 pain in both hands due to arthritis.  She left pain-free, and her hands remained so for 9 days.

1-29-10:   Enoch, came in with level 7 pain in his low back and level 4 pain in his R-knee and R-ankle (plantar fasciitis also).  After being on his feet for less than 1/2 hour, his knees can start to hurt badly and get up to level 8-9 pain.  In fact, back in March 2008, his R-knee had been diagnosed as stage 4 osteo-arthritis.  When he came in, he was on medical leave from work to get a TKR (total knee replacement) on the R-knee by the end of March 2010.  The L-knee was due for a TKR sometime later.  He left with no pain in his back (stiffness only), R-knee, and R-ankle.  Amazingly, when he left, he was able to bend over and put on his shoes without the assistance of his long-handled shoe horn, and, for a moment, he started to leave without his cane!  Even more amazing, 21 days later, Enoch's orthopedic surgeon concluded that Enoch's recent loss of pain removed Enoch as a candidate for TKR and that Enoch's knees might last another 5-6 years!  (Note: Changes this dramatic are not typical.)

1-27-10:   Marlene, a neighbor, came in with level 7 pain in the low back (degenerated disks) that start-ed 4 days earlier -- she could only do the stairs in her house with great difficulty.  Her doctor had told her it might take 1-6 weeks to get better and had her on pain killers that were making her loopy.  Marlene did 2 consecutive days of sessions.  She reported the first morning that she was 90% better with only level 1 pain and bought a Mat that day!  She reported the second morning that she was 95% better and off her anti-inflammatory meds altogether.

11-10-09:   Greg had 2 amalgam fillings (50% mercury) removed by his dentist, who did not use any biological precautions, eg. rubber dam or vapor vacuum system, to prevent mercury poisoning.  The next day, his R-knee got very achy and stiff, his R-calf got very painful, and his R-footswelled to 2x its normal size.  After putting up with this for a couple of weeks, he cranked up the time and intensity on his R-leg and by the next morning, his R-leg was 85-90% better.  Now, it is no longer an issue.

10-26-09:   Vicky B. came in with a level 6 pain in her R-shoulder that, over the past several years, flared up about every two weeks.  She would typically take 2 x 600 mg Ibuprofen over a day for said flare-ups.  She reported her pain and stiffness were reduced 90% upon leaving and 100% within the hour.

10-22-09:   Carlyn, age 27 and previously hospitalized for fibromyalgia, came in with the mandatory assistance of a walker due to extreme stiffness and level 8 pain (her niece had to drive her).  Upon arriving, she commented, "I feel like I am in a 90 year old body."  She left without the assistance of her walker and in level 4-5 pain.  When leaving, she noted that it was no longer painful to slip on her shoes.

10-09-09:   Margarita accidentally cut the index finger on her L-hand nearly down to the bone.  Super glue was used to seal the wound (as done by mountain climbers and military).  For the first 10 days, by the end of the day her finger would be totally inflexible and the nerves would feel odd.  She would Wand her finger for about 8 minutes and it would return to normal.  After about the 10th day, the finger retained it flexibility, the nerves felt fine, and the scar is now barely visible.

10-6-09:   Ken came in with level 7 pain due to bronchial coughing that he had since 8-09.  It was re-duced to level 4.  He also came in with level 3 pain in his index finger resulting from an accidental cut to the bone in early 8-09 that required 6 stitches.  It was reduced to level 0.

8-30-09:   Sherry C. has had polymyalgia rheumatica and degenerative disc disorder arising out of car accidents in 1993 and 1997.  She was experiencing increased level 5 pain and reduced range of motion due to a mandated reduction in her Prednisone prescription (1 year use limit).  The day of the session, she was not able to take a short walk with her sister, had to take a stair-step sideways (feet too inflexible), had not been able to bend her L-big toe for 1-1/2 years, and had very restricted range of motion in her neck (25%) and L-arm (20%, 8-10 inches from leg).  In fact, since 1993, she has not been able to use her pre-dominant L-hand to grab anything out of a upper cabinet.  In an hour, said restrictions simply vanished -- she magically transformed into "dance ready".  She could take steps normally, could bend her L-big toe, had full range of motion in her neck and arms, and for the 1st time in 16 years could lift 2 nested drinking glasses out of an upper cabinet with her L-hand.  She said with tears, "I feel like 20 years have been taken off my body!"  (P.S.  The same changes with her were replicated on 10-15-09, and thereafter she bought a Mat!)  (Note: Changes this dramatic are not typical.) 

8-26-09:   Kelsey came in with tingling down his L-arm/hand and a painful R-upper arm.  The Mat and Pillow-Pad (low back) got rid of the tingling in L-arm.  After using the Wand on his R-upper arm for only 1-2 minutes, he said that area was pain-free as well.  We were both a little stunned!

8-12-09:   David R. summed it up nicely in his e-mail, "Since the [one] treatment, my shoulder has felt noticeably better.  Last night, it didn't hurt at all to lie on it.  Maybe a little tender and stiff, but no sharp, shooting pain at all for the first time in 15 years.  Pretty amazing, huh?"

8-11-09:   Bernie, manager at a busy market, had a level 4 pain in his R-knee, even after 4 surgeries.  He was even contemplating a 5th surgery to repair his ACL.  After 8-10 hours at work, it could get up to level 6 or worse.  He reported the next day that his knee still felt fine even after being on it all afternoon until midnight.  As a bonus, he sleep great, unusual for a night shift.

8-1-09:   The Whole Family.  Tom C., his wife Alice, and their daughter Nicole came in for a morning session.  Tom's bad L-knee would cause him to hobble for a few steps after getting up from sitting for a while and would get up to a level 9 pain after sitting in class all day.  Alice had distracting upper and low back pain.  Nicole's R-knee had not healed from surgery the summer before and exhibited a distracting ache.  The next day Tom reported that his hobbling was virtually nonexistent after getting up from sitting, and his L-knee pain was at only level 2 after sitting in class all day.  Alice's back pain was dramatically improved, if not gone.  Nicole, while acknowledging her knee still ached, noticed a distinct improvement, indicating she needed more sessions to resolve her knee fully.  (P.S.  Tom bought a Mat!)

7-9-09:   Slim limped in with level 9 sciatica pain down his R-leg.  The sciatica had been developing over time, but recently became acute.  The pain nearly brought tears to his eyes.  Slim did 3 consecutive days of sessions.  After session #1, the pain was down to level 5.  After session #2, the pain was down to level 3.  After session #3, the pain was down to only a dull ache, and he was going for a hike.

7-8-09:   Mia, a friend, had a painful R-knee that had been developing over 1-1/2 years.  To get up the stairs in her house, she had to use the handrail, getting both feet up to the same step before tackling the next step.  Two days later, she e-mailed, "I have been running up and down the stairs without any difficulty, and I don't even remember that I have a knee problem."

7-2-09:   Marlene, a neighbor, came in with aching "tennis elbow" in her L-arm.  She left pain-free and with complete mobility.  She reported hours later that she had been waving her L-arm all around at one point later that day with complete ease.

6-30-09:   Dave G., a friend in his late 50s, came in with painful neck, shoulders, back, and hips from his years as a contractor.  Given there were too many body parts to work on in one session, we concen-trated on his back.  Although very skeptical at first, he reported back that night and again two days later that his back was doing much better, even with skipping his anti-inflammatory meds twice.

6-30-09:   Mike, the Highway Patrol Officer, literally limped in with a painful neck and back from too much heavy gardening the day before (neck and back have been problem areas in the past).  He left with no limp and no pain (just some residual stiffness in the neck).

6-22-09:   Eric, the plumber, called this morning to say how thrilled he is to be out of arthritic neck pain for the first time in years.  He is even trying to figure out how to call Kaiser and tell them that he does not need further physical therapy.  While his neck was the main issue, he also said that his acid reflux from laying down after eating had virtually disappeared -- this from only 4 sessions on the Mat only, as we concentrated the Wand on his neck.  (P.S.  His neck was still OK after 5 weeks!)

6-20-09:   Dave P. limped in, rather unsteady on his feet, with level 9 pain in his low back related to a severe, 2 year old car accident.  He is trying to avoid back surgery.  He left with level 4 pain and walking almost normally.

6-17-09:   Margarita suddenly developed a level 8.5 pain in her lower R-torso (felt like a pulled muscle) that started at 11 am at work.  After getting home, about 5 pm, she first used the Mat for 16 minutes, then the Pillow-Pad for 16 minutes, but the pain remained.  Next, we started the 16 minute timer on the Wand.  After about 13 minutes, the pain still remained.  Since we had been at this over 45 minutes, we discussed stopping but decided to let the 16 minute timer on the Wand run down to zero.  With about 1-1/2 minutes to go, M looked at me with this weird look of surprise that I had never seen before on her face and she said, "The pain is gone!"  I said, "No way, are you kidding me?"  She said, "There was a sort of a pop feeling, and the pain went to less than 1 instantly".  By the next day, the pain had pretty much gone away totally.

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